Ok everyone we are back to write another review of a local company that did some work for us recently. They did such a great job that we figured we could pay them back by writing about their fantastic services they provided to us. Besides paying them this post should be enough recognition for them. We had to pick a reputable and professional local seo company a few months ago to do some marketing for us. We searched and searched until we came across this local company that had great reviews and awesome references. We finally found the company we were going to use. There was a bunch of things that had to be done to get our Marketing and Search Engine Optimization back on track. Most of our traffic now is direct or from other sources, but a while ago is was all organic from search engines. So naturally we wanted to get that back, and level up in our traffic all together. So we hired them to get started and that they did. They initially did some keyword research and relayed to us what the most profitable and beneficial keywords would be to optimize for, and from that list we picked what we thought would be best and sent that info back to them. They got started immediately by working on our site fixing things like title tags, seo friendly url’s, image optimization, and other things necessary to have a successful seo campaign. Once they fixed all the on page elements they got started on the off page stuff. They did not inform us regarding all the things they did off site, but we were ensured it would all be above board and they would follow all the guidelines that the different search engines have in place. Well what do you know, within a few weeks we started to see our keywords move up a few pages, and then they finally hit page 1. We were stunned because it only took them a few weeks to get us page 1 rankings. Now we started to check out our traffic, and of course we started to see lots more organic traffic coming into the site and we could not be happier. They started working on another set of keywords for us and the same thing happened. They optimized the specific pages that would match the keywords and then they did the off page stuff. And again within a few weeks the kw’s started to climb and then eventually hit page 1. Currently we are still using this seo company to get us page 1 rankings on whatever keywords we tell them. We couldn’t be anymore satisfied with a local seo firm, they really are the best we have ever used and we recommend that you check them out if your current seo company is slacking or you are in the market for one.

They have an office in Delray Beach and Boca Raton Florida, but they service any company in the United States. From small to medium to large companies they will help get organic traffic to your site. You can check out the seo boca raton companies website to get more information about what they do and what they do not do, get pricing for your seo or local seo campaign, and of course get their contact information. They also do a few other things like Web Design, Reputation Management, and many other Internet Marking Services. Go ahead and check out their website for all the details by going to their homepage and reading through all of their service pages.

The name of the company is SEOjus and you can find their website here – www.seojus.com – for all the information you could possible think of. And remember that in order to take advantage of all the traffic that is currently out there, you will need a company to put you in front of that traffic. Like they say, you have to fish where the fish are. Now that we have revealed our secret and lucrative tactic of getting lots ore organic traffic, it is time for you to take control of your website and get some people to actually look at it. That is it for right now, hope you all enjoyed this review post and make sure to make it a good day.

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