Good afternoon, and welcome back to another one of our reviews that cover wither a local business, a website, or whatever else we feel like talking about. And today we are going to tell you about a excellent website that posts reviews of the latest Vape products. They are not famous or VIP like the “YouTubers” but they do have people who read the site regularly and cant wait for the next review to go live. We are going to talk about two of their newest reviews and then you can judge for yourself how they did and see what they could maybe improve on or add.

First up, just last week they posted a review for a very popular and much anticipated Sub Ohm Tank. They did the Crown 2 Review and lots of people seem to be reading it and talking about it. I honestly think they did a fabulous job on this one, there are tons of different pictures, lots of content, and they were completely honest about it. They are not like the other guys and girls who get free stuff all day long and in return are supposed to just write or talk about how completely awesome it is, even if it isn’t. These guys buy their own stuff 90% of time so you know whatever they say or write is going to be true, at least in their opinion. That is one of the biggest problems going on right now. Everyone wants to be a “Reviewer” and their motivation is to get free stuff. And obviously it’s pretty cool to get all the latest gear for free and before everyone else, it just isn’t morally correct. Anyways, they had great things to say about the Crown 2 Tank, so if you are thinking about picking one up but are on the fence, go ahead and make the purchase. You will love it, says the guys from The Best Vape.

The second one we are going to talk about is on the way to most online shops as we speak. Currently there might only be 1 or 2 shops that have these in stock. We are talking about the newest product from SMOK, The Cloud Beast. They posted the TFV8 Tank Review a few days ago and they did a fantastic job on this one as well. This tank is going to be just as popular as the one we spoke about above, and maybe even more. Usually SMOK does it big when they come out with something new, and the tank before this the TFV4 was a major hit in most peoples minds. So the next version of this tank that they just released is obviously going to be much improved, in all aspects. I can’t wait to try this one out as well. The guys over at The Best Vape just got this tank in today so they will be updating their review in the next day or so I would imagine. I know they don’t like to keep their readers waiting, specially with these special products.

So the main point of today’s post is that if you are looking for a good site to read reviews that are completely honest and for the reader, then you should definitely check out The Best Vape now.

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