Good morning, we are back to briefly talk about one of the newest Sub Ohm Tanks to hit the market manufactured by SMOK. They seem to be filling every need these days, from starter to intermediate, to advanced serious vapers. We don’t blame them, they have identified what people want and are providing it. While we don’t think every product they make is excellent, many people do. Their latest invention is the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, a Tank for cloud chasers and serious vape enthusiasts only. This Tank should not be used by beginners or people who are just starting out. This Tank is in high demand right now, and only a few shops have them, but they only have 1 color, Silver/Stainless Steel. There are 3 other colors that will be available very soon, Black, Gold, & Rainbow. The latter seems to be the one that most people want. The 7 color Rainbow Tank is very attractive, so we see why everyone wants one. If you are looking to pick up a TFV12 Tank for a reasonable price we suggest heading over to The Best Vape ad seeing if they have it in stock yet. But remember, this Sub Ohm Tank is not in stock yet at most shops, only a rare few stores have the SS version in, and the ones that did have them are sold out already. You can also sign up to be notified when it arrives, just look for the tab called “In Stock Notification” and subscribe there. You will receive an email when they are in stock and ready to purchase. I believe they have them for $36.00 for all 3 colors. Most shops charge more for the Black, Gold, & Rainbow, but these guys do not. They also have the best customer service we have ever seen and experienced from a Online Vape Shop. They always reply to our mails within a few minutes. Well that is it for this post, we hope you liked it.

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